Monday, August 18, 2014

August Portland Flea Wrap Up

Sunday was so warm under the tents and lucky for me I was next to Pat & Kat.  Patrick with really beautiful woodworking items like skate boards, woven bench seats and wall hanging plant holders.  Like a dummy, I totally forgot to take pics of anyone else's stuff but my own.  So selfish.  His fianc√© Kat has a purse hoarding tendency but everyone loved their new totes given her trained eye for sweet purses.  

The August theme was Dog Days of Summer so tons of people brought their dogs out.  I have decided in my next lifetime I am getting a french bulldog.  Every frenchie I met was so loving.  Don't get me wrong, my Goldens are the bee's knees.  

At the end of the day a tall kid came walking into the booth and it was a mix of dehydration and the heat but I had to catch my breath because he looked so much like my brother that I was really thrown off for a few seconds.  Once the hallucination disappeared I was sort of disappointed that Wes on a whim didn't fly down from Alaska just to see me at the Portland Flea.  Is that too much to ask!

My ever steady, vintage loving friend from work, Sue came out to visit me.  Even with her quest to cut back she made out with a few new treasures.  The hunt is so hard to give up!

Great weekend, fabulous new people to chit chat with and one mild hallucination.



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