Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Finishing What Someone Else Started

I'm a huge fan of finishing something that someone else started.  Sometimes you can see where they were going or what they were doing but something happened along the way that left it to collect dust.  I always wonder about the back ground story.  The cynical side of me always says that the grandma died.  I know that isn't always the case because then I just be left with a ton of ghostly projects.  Eeeekkkk.

I picked up these absolutely stunning embroidery pieces of floral arrangements.  The colors, level of detail and high quality of stitching is mind blowing.  My mom always said the way to tell the quality of the work is that the back of the piece should look just as clean as the front.  Pristine!

Getting ready for the wedding I scoured flea markets and garage sales to find a ton of unfinished quilts.  The fronts were completely done and all they needed was the batting and backing.  So much work goes into those fronts.  Too much that it is a travesty that someone doesn't finish them.  We used a couple of the unfinished quilt fronts for our Photo Booth back drop which added the perfect amount of color.  

Also the perfect background for debauchery but that is why weddings are so damn fun.  Now that they served one purpose it is time for these to be finished into their master plan.  This fall I'm hoping to get some help on learning how to properly finish these quilts.

These stunning embroidered bouquets turned into large pillow covers that look just marvelous against dark leather.  What sort of project can you pick up where someone left off?  Give a neglected item a second chance to spruce up your little habitat.  Happy hunting and turning those wheels in your noggin to find a use for the abandoned and forgotten.



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