Thursday, August 21, 2014


I love peaches.  To me they mean grandparents, self-sufficiency and family.

In the Pacific Northwest the peaches are more scrumptious than any candy or baked good you can come up with.  I truly mean that.

Whether they are eaten fresh off the tree while still warm from the sun or pulled out of a canning jar, those bites take me back to sitting around the kitchen table with my Great Grandpa Carl who always served peaches for dessert after dinner.  Simple but such truly honest moments of happiness.

This year and every year of peach harvest goes out to my Great Grandpa Carl.  Do you have a fresh fruit or food item that humbles your heart given a dear memory?

Check out your local farms and farm stands for u-pick peaches.  Sauvie Island Farms is a great place to go but there are a bunch of surrounding farms on the island to visit.



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