Thursday, August 14, 2014

Portland Flea and a lighter drill

This summer has been extraordinarily quick.  Perhaps it's that I've been participating in the Portland Flea since April or it's because we always say yes to anything during the summer like a couple of crazy nut bags.  Along those lines, in a rush for the August event with Portland Flea I've been working on some fun projects which is this Sunday at the Union/Pine location off of SE Pine and Grand close to downtown Portland, 10 am-4 pm. Sunday at Portland Flea is Dog Days of Summer so bring your pooch. Dogs are welcome to mingle and steal some well deserved love from the crowd.  

I have been working on refinishing a desk and today it just hit me that I need a smaller drill.  I felt like a baby mouse trying to grip a large apple.  Need to get out there to test some lighter drills for these munchkin arms.  Oh my favorite one from this last weekend of rafting down the Deschutes.  "Have you been to the veterinarian?", "No, why", "Because your pythons are SICK!".  I loved that joke so much.



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