Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cozy Up Time with Blankets

My affinity for blankets is undying.  Their utility, beauty and coziness keeps them stacked up in piles around Buttercup through every changing season.  I also adore wool blankets.  So much that I have taken to embroidering badges on them like little Campfire vests.

I'm not totally sure what Sandra Bloom in Big Fish meant when she said, "I don't think I'll ever dry out."  Was it that Edward Blooms was always thirsty and she was bonded to him because she was the uncatchable fish for so long and saturated with her love for him?   So if I say that "I don't think I'll ever warm up", does that mean I am a frigid person?  Sweet goodness, please don't have that be true.

As we prepare for fall it is hard not to dive head first into seeking out cozy blankets to wrap up through the fallen leaf autumn and frosty winter.  My latest find was this pumpkin orange Pendleton throw.  It pairs with the sharp Pendleton chair I just refinished!

My mom got us hooked on Pendleton at a young age.  Her resourcefulness found a co-worker who had access to cast-off Pendleton blankets and throws at the local mill in Washougal.  She slowly built up a little collection.  At the time I did not appreciate the twinkle of excitement in her eye every time she would bring a new one home.  She would lay it out, with a huge beaming smile as she would work her hands over the new print.  

After a few minutes of having the whole family admire the new piece she would neatly fold it up, pat the top and then stash it away like a Christmas present to be taken out at a special time.  That didn't last long though because kids do not treasure things and Mom isn't a huge believer in preserving the "fine china".  Those Pendleton blankets have been used and abused.  Unfortunately I think a few may have gone missing through camp outs and trips.

September is here.  Grab your favorite blanket, you can always shake it off.  Snuggle in there with the pillows and thermos of hot apple cider.  Look up at the sky just for 15 minutes.  With a deep breath and a little bit of a recharge get up and get back to whatever is so desperately calling you, or you could just lay there for a few more minutes.  

Have a boring blanket hanging around?  Grab two pieces of felt, make a design and then stitch it on with some embroidery floss.  Fabulous really can happen that easily.



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