Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pendleton Wool-Chamber of Secrets Chair

This little sewing chair holds a secret!

The secret does not lie in the fact that it is adorable, refinished with brand new Pendleton Wool and wicked comfortable with a ton of foam padding.

It's all about the bass no treble!  Sorry, we just listened to the song and I can't get it out of my head.  Okay but seriously the seat flips up to expose a chamber to hide your prized possessions, small prized possessions, that you want to hide in a seat.

I have never tackled an upholstery project that had so many puzzle pieces.  It was daunting.  Exactly like stripping down naked to jump into a freezing lake.  I felt like that.  Even more terrifying was putting it back together and without looking at a pile of leftover pieces.

When all was said and done there wasn't a single screw left behind.  A leg might have been put in the wrong place but easily fixed.  Here is a toast to tackling something that frightened the pee out of me.  May we all continue to tackle new tasks like a kitten goes after paper scraps.



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