Thursday, October 9, 2014

Decorating Layers

I collect a lot of things so when our most beloved decorating sources say, just use what you have on hand to decorate, I know I have an advantage.  Unfortunately they are putting everyone else in a weird place.  Like am I really suppose to have 15 old blue mason jars on hand just for the heck of it?  Well, of course I do but what normal weirdo has that quantity?  Or the pile of pinecones that magically pops up and looks amazing in bowls.  Seriously, where else do you stash 30 large pinecones the rest of the year, the bathroom?  "Use what you have on hand" is really the secret hand shake or wink from one craft or decorating hoarder to the next.  Wink, "Let's try to reign it in and not buy a million new things for this holiday."  "TRY" is the word needing attention.

Most of my holiday decor lives in 18 gallon rubbermaid totes colored coordinated to the season.  4 for Halloween, 5 for Christmas, 2 for Easter and 1 that holds the miscellaneous like Fourth of July and Valentine's Day.  They honestly hold most of the big pieces but there are also like 2 "just laying around the house (jlath)" containers of flowers, pinecones, jars and then like 5-6 shelves that hold the other jlath items.

That florals inside the pumpkin are part of the floral bin.  The pine cones and grapevine bundles are also on the racks of items just waiting to use for decor.

I always walk into my Auntie Carla's house to revel at all of her gorgeous fall decor.  Unfortunately I love the big picture but have a difficult time of breaking down the big picture into small manageable portions.  She has wreaths, so wreaths must be the answer.  NOPE.  Okay, she hangs plates on the wall so that must be what I love.  WRONG AGAIN.  It has taken me years of completely unfocused, throw a dart into the air, type of energy to realize I may have the most amazing centerpieces for the focal point but it really comes down to how well you showcase it with the backgrounds items of different textures, colors and layers.  Just like any truly fabulous outfit, the dress might be gorgeous but it is the accessories that make is swoon worthy.

In the above shot there is the sharp textures of the pine cones to break up the solid tin tray back ground with the wheat on the bottom to soften the picture.  The small pumpkins to the left taper the view to signify the end of the display.

The above shot is a fun one.  I wish I would have taken a before picture but the simple addition of the loose leaves completely framed in and pulled all of the pieces together just like sugar is necessary and makes every cookie delicious.

Even the brooms are just laying around the house.  I warned you I was odd.  My Harry Potter, Nimbus 2000 broom hangs in the back porch all year.  Like any normal person would just have old straw brooms laying around, without good reason.  Okay, so the point is, this whole movement of use stuff that is laying around the house has a great heart but like anyone who gets a few drinks in them, those great ideas turn into obnoxious projections.  So just be comfortable with using what you have, building up your collection, starting small, staying small, going big because just like every good deed, it is the thought that counts.  It is okay to be a front porch light on with a bowl of candy on Halloween night.  My favorite trick or treating spot with my family in Goldendale, WA was this ancient, little old lady who had absolutely no decoration but would make homemade candy treats.  Happy decorating and being happy with being you and enjoying the seasons.



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