Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Exterior Halloween Decorations

Portland, Oregon's weather has been ridiculously gorgeous this year.  We are sitting outside in t-shirts and shorts at night during the first week of October!  How does that happen?  I'll tell you what does happen, outside halloween decorating.  I oscillate between how much to decorate outside because there are some years where you feel like a drown rat but not this year, we're sunblock wearing sun rats putting up cobwebs and fake spiders.  

I always have grand ideas of decorating the outside with more of a cabin feel layered with wool blankets topped with pumpkins, pitch forks and a gilded collection of pumpkins.  Inevitably I use what comes out of the halloween boxes but I'll tell ya, one of these years I'm going to go big!

Our fabulous neighbors across the street usually sneak spiders or other small surprises into our halloween decoration as an appreciation for what we do.  They are awesome.

If you are wondering how to make this wreath I put it together last year on this post.

 I really need to make the witch hitching post one of these years complete with pointy shoes.  I have the witches broom, hat but no shoes or cape.  Must find!

Have your family, dogs or friends do a final look and then toast yourself to being apart of your community!  Do you decorate?  Do you go all out or just a jack-o-lantern?  



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