Sunday, October 5, 2014

Vintage Family Halloween

So I totally scored on a deliciously minty hoosier a few weeks back at a garage sale.  I call it a hutch but the lady I bought it from called it a hoosier but I'm pretty sure a hoosier is a type of hutch.  Either way I absolutely adore it and has become an instant hit in the house.  As I was hauling it into the house, I already had visions of hanging garland, ghost and witches propped up against pumpkins.  I couldn't even temporarily display other items in the upper shelves because seriously what was the point with Halloween so close!

The process of decorating for each season is one of comfort and magic.  Pulling all of the carefully wrapped items out of the fall-color coordinated rubbermaid totes builds so much gleeful anticipation.

Once everything is laid out on the table it is time to start grouping, organizing and testing out how the layers work in the space you imagined them.  The grouping of witches are always fun but for some reason I can never get them to look right with scarecrow items.  Some combinations just don't work for me.

I use my great grandpa Carl's old plates as backgrounds.  In my family the kitchen is always the heart of the home so anything from the kitchen brings the coziness I crave when the weather cools down.

The tweaking is my favorite part, getting up early the next morning to rearrange, sit back and then obsessively move something to the left two inches, no, no, half inch to the right.  

What Halloween decoration do you look forward to setting out every year?  Is it something you made, was handed down through family members or collected in years past?  Mine is a combination of all three but that is fairly reflective of my eclectic personality.  I have a deep appreciation for less than shiny items, chipped things, family hand-me-downs, handmade goodies and new nick knacks.   



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