Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Decal Teacup Ring Holder

My little brother is amazing.  He is kind.  He is sweet.  He deserves to have a best friend that watches his back at all times.  Being the oldest sibling I hold a very special title that I have always taken very serious.  I am his mother hen.  Even with months of no contact, multiple states between us and completely different lifestyles, his happiness and well being tears at my heart.  This summer my little brother surprised the family by getting married without warning.  OH MY SWEET Goodness!  I can finally stop worrying so much about him and trust that his heart will be well taken care of.  I finally get to meet his wife this weekend in Juneau.  I'm beyond excited to meet her and give her the most ginormous hug.  I know you're just like stop.  So sappy.

 As a little present to my new sister-in-law, I personalized a tea cup to be a ring holder.  I printed off the images on waterside decal paper, followed the directions and let the clear spray paint cure for 24 hours.  After waiting a day I closely cut out the decals, soaked it in water and applied to the tea cup.  After all the water dried off I applied a top coat.

The wedding ring sometimes needs a safe place to rest.  I never thought I would take my rings off my finger but the truth is that those little rings of gold are in my special little ring holder a lot.  Hard workers sometimes need them to come off for projects like cleaning engines, washing dishes, digging holes and just kicking ass in general!   Welcome to the family, Sweetheart.



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