Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DIY Stick Horse

During the summer my brain has an allergic reaction to the idea of sewing, knitting or any craft that brings me indoors.  Which I've come to grips with since we have such long, dreary, rainy northwest days inside wishing to be outside.  Plus it has been ridiculously entertaining this summer to craft outside because we let our turtle run free.  Bubba constantly wants our attention so he 4 x 4's over our feet.  Does he want to play?  How do you even play with a turtle? You want to see something funny, don't warn your friends who are manning the grill and then have Bubba wobble over the top of their feet.   So stinking funny.

This time of year I get really excited about all of the ideas I've pinned, dog eared, noted and saved throughout the year.  The weather has finally turned rainy to where I feel like I can come inside without wasting my precious outside time.  The tv has come inside from the back patio marking the change in weather and kick off of sewing craft season.  One of the first projects was for our little niece, Audrey or more appropriately named for a 2 year old, Lil Miss No.

Lil Miss No LOVES My Little Ponies', Rainbow Dash!  She was even a My Little Pony for Halloween.  We already bought her a little Rainbow Dash in September but she needs something bigger.

*2 googly eyes
*Mane: assorted yarns: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red
*Head: 1/2 yard of scrap fabric-examples:utility fabric, sturdy cotton, flannel
*color coordinated thread
*Inside of Ear: scrap pink material
*Zip tie
*Scrap material or yarn
*3/4" wood dowel 3 feet long
*Gorilla glue-heavy duty adhesive

My little brother and I had stick horses growing up.  I remember playing on them all the time when really young so I figured why not make Lil Miss No a stick horse while she is still in the horse phase.

Pinterest has a bunch of fabulous tutorials and unfortunately I completely bombed with taking pictures as I worked through making this stick horse.  Seriously Jessie!  Anywho, no biggee because every tutorial is tweaked when working through it to fit the supplies and tools the crafter has available.  To get the idea of basic construction I used this tutorial by Lia Griffith for her absolutely freaking adorable stick horses.  This tutorial by That Village House was great for construction of how to sew in the yarn mane.

I really went a tad bit overboard with the yarn mane.  You know that line in Despicable Me when Agnes screams, "It's so fluffy.  I'm gonna die".  The trick when sewing a really thick mane is to use binder clips to hold the yarn between the layers of fabric and stitch twice along the body to ensure the little pieces of yarn don't get pulled out with play.

The wobbly eyes were glued on with gorilla glue.  The inside of the ears are pink felt.  The ears are hand stitched on the outside after the mane was sewn on.  I was going to sew them on before the body was sewn together but I was worried the ears wouldn't sit right.

After stuffing the horse super tight with fresh fiber filling I finished off the bottom by securing the horse head around the dowel with a zip tie.  I went this route among all other methods because zip ties are an absolute beast to get off anything once they are pulled too tight.  Too tight and unable to break free is exactly what I was going for.

My only gripe with this project is that I detest a skinny pony and I made the neck too thin.  The My Little Ponies I grew up with were super plump with a healthy body image.  Kids now have these scrawny, malnutritioned, big eyed My Little Ponies to play with.  Eew!  In the words of Meghan Trainor, "I"m all about the bass"!



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