Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Presents Piled High in Crates

 Just a few presents were wrapped under the tree but after just a half an hour away from the house Super-Secret-Naught-Pants-Maggie tore into the packaging that held homemade canned goods my mom sent us.  I honestly can't blame her.  If someone put a bag of cookies in front of me and didn't think I was going to look inside, they are freaking crazy.

My favorite part of cleaning up torn presents are all the tiny shredded pieces of tissues paper.  For my sanity and just because I love the frivolity of having tons of crates, bins and wash tubs laying around my house, I took all of my vintage containers out and filled them with presents.  My favorites are the stamped wood crates and the white enamel wear wash bins.  Give me a wash basin with chips, woohoo, I'm in heaven.  Putting the containers in bins for whatever reason is just enough to deter the girls from peaking before Christmas.  But not Lola the bratty kitty.  She will shred paper inside the house even if she has to drag it in from outside.  At Christmas is her jam!  She is a shred rockstar with all the tissue paper.

Keeping with the theme of past times and nostalgia Sean and I still decorate our tree with all of the ornaments we grew up.  They are cheery and I really like to pair them with wood beaded garland.  The old bins underneath keep it rustic, homey and non-fussy.

Bella thinks so too.



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