Friday, December 19, 2014

Cozy Christmas Living Room

I really love everyone gathering during the holidays at Buttercup.  Nothing says happy holidays better than loving family and friends in a cozy home.  Through the years the functionality of decorating has become more important.  

The twinkle of the cheery primary colors.  Reds, Greens, Blues and Golds are so freaking lovely and nice to be surrounded by during Christmas time.  

As our family grows, changes and moves around I like to fill our home with treasures that bring back memories of years past.  Years spent on the couch late at night watching the Christmas tree lights and looking at the santa picture.

Then there's the pinecones.  The pinecones that my mom used for decorating, EVERYWHERE.  I totally get it now.  They are great filler and work with everything.

Not that Maggie cares.  She just wants to know what she can eat.  

 Nothing says cozy, happy and warm to me more than tons of layers of wool blankets and pillows piled all over the front room while watching the favorites, Lampoons Christmas Vacation, ELF and Miracle on 31st St.  I'm snuggled under a blanket as we speak.  So relaxing after a super busy spring, summer and fall.  Time to let out a big exhale and just rest.

All is calm as the animals rest below my legs.  All is bright as the bulbs burn in the night on the tree.  Tonight I'll dream of late night board games with loved ones and mulled cider from scratch.  May all your loves ones be gathered around your hearth during the holidays.



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