Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mugged Santa!

The new hutch brought on so much excitement for Christmas decorating.  I think it has to do with knowing that each piece has to be more thoughtful since I have less space.  Not that you would ever know that with all the junk I can squirrel away in one tiny space!

Okay, full confession, I love the old santa mugs.  One little mug a few years ago started the obsession.  BUT! but I have very strict rules on every purchase of a santa mug.  #1-it can't be over $5. #2 I have to like Santa's face.  All the paint can be chipped away but if Santa looks creepy then I drop it like it's hot.  No hip hop reference needed.

Cranky faced Lola refused to get out of the pictures.  So I further annoyed her with attention.  One diabolical scheme deserves retaliation. Snapped, forever frozen with cranky face.

This year I had so much fun making pinecone garland.  How fantastic does it look hanging at the top!  Not only is is wicked simplistic but also dresses up well with flying reindeer.  Oh yeah, we can't forget it also holds holiday cards with laundry pins! Oh snap.

More shameless santa mug shots!  Happy decorating to you and yours.



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