Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sugar Cookies and Quality Time

 I just don't sit down in front of the tv for super long periods of time but the marketing during the holidays always fascinates me.  Like I know in my head it doesn't seem right but I can see how with every marketing scheme that people feel like they should have a list and get a gift for everyone.  In the words of my father, "The hell with what they say"!

Slow your roll!  Call your family to make cookies.  Ask yourself, "When I am old and grey am I really going to remember all these errands I completely dominated or the afternoon I threw caution to the wind and burned my list of to-dos".  

Drink tea with your auntie and cousin.  Talk about the play you are auditioning for or future dreams of leather making classes you want to take.

Make fun of the dog for his severe under bite.

Drag out the record player and the co-collection of albums you've collected from your moms.  My collection is from my mom and my aunt's collection is from Grandma Judy.

Now you can get your roll on.  

And make sugar cookies that are slightly less shapely than the visions dancing in your head.  Slightly.  

Bag it.

And love that day more than anything else you could have done that day.  Tis the season do to whatever the f^@k you really want to do with the ones you love.  Is it terrible that I really want to say something like, "Quality Time Biotches"!  Yea, I know.



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