Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bright Floral Valentine's Day Wreath

It's been a misty gray cloud of drizzle and we've slept in enough over the last three weeks to recover from the holidays.  But I say let's stay cozy just a little bit longer.  How about settling around the table with your favorite spiced vanilla candle burning, pile of chocolate chip cookies and giggles shared with your loved one's faces.  Let's make a Valentine's Day wreath that isn't overloaded with hearts and cupids.  

To make this wreath we need supplies.  I urge you to get creative and think twice before running to the craft store.  I honestly understand most people don't have a ton of craft stuff just laying around.  Seriously, I get that.  So let's look around for what we can use as a wreath base.  Do you have an old wreath you can reuse?  How about a thick piece of cardboard that you can use to cut a ring base?  I ripped out the greenery from my christmas wreath to reuse the ring base.

I needed some fluff to cover up the ring so I found a bag of moss.  If your wreath needs the base built up consider wrapping your wreath base with thick ribbon or fabric.  This will help your wreath look fuller once complete.

I layered on three floral garlands that were of all different textures ranging from florals, beads and berries.  Think of having three different sizes, small, medium and large.  Start by layering the largest size on the bottom, spacing it out evenly around the wreath ring.  Second step is to layer the medium size on top of the large.  As you are working the second layer on top of the first, make small adjustments to where the sizes are offset.  Repeat this method as you layer the smallest size on the top.

After small adjustments I filled in the blank spaces with single floral pieces.  These were primarily larger single flowers.  Plus this helped use up all those random one-off flowers that I had laying around from other projects.  

Everything was primarily secured with wire and sparse use of hot glue.  Use whatever you have on hand, string, glue, wire, gum.  Just kidding, you don't want to use the gum!

Take a step back to make sure it looks balanced.  If it doesn't, just tweak it.  I find I use too many large items so it takes some restraint to not overload my arrangements with huge blooms.

Oh Yeah, this was totally made with random bits and pieces from the craft stash.  And hopefully you are super happy with the outcome of your wreath.  Were you able to use up items from around the house?  I worked really hard on this wreath to not look on Pinterest for images.  More often when trying a new project I don't want to run to the craft store so I end up trying to recreate with different materials.  That's really hard for me to do and be happy with the outcome.  Super happy with how cheery and wild this wreath turned out.  Yeah!



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