Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Found Pictures Framed

Today was super misty, moisty and down right drizzly in Portland.  I needed to get out of the house, so for breakfast we took off for Camp 18 Restaurant and Logging Museum on Highway 26 as your heading out to the Oregon Coast.  I kind of broke into giggles after reading that last sentence, restaurant and logging museum.  Totally just laughed again.  On the way back home I noticed an estate sale sign.  So of course, I ran right back out with my own car to check out what treasures desperately needed to come home with me.  This awesome original photo was found in a box.  It is the Bonneville Power Administration's float for the Portland Rose Festival.  Unfortunately I couldn't find a year.

I didn't have a cool frame ready to go but I found this Ikea frame in my stash.  Buuuuut it needed a bit of a make over.

Like a paint job of black acrylic paint.  Add some dry time.

Then chalk the black frame.  Rub the chalk in.  Throw the picture in.

Oh, I just love it.  I look at this picture and it just makes me wish that parades were what they use to be.  I really love the old pageantry of the big, showy parade floats.  Like could you imagine being one of those girls in the matching dresses, perfect hair and all of those flowers. The flowers!  Parades used to be a big deal and families went out of their way to be together to watch one.  I know I'm hell on wheels but I will totally slow down enough to watch a parade AND love it!  Maybe we'll get back to a time when families ignore their handheld technology, talk a little more and take a few minutes to breath and laugh together.



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