Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Glass Insulator Votive

Growing up I was always digging through our family barn where my dad stashed treasures he salvaged from his excavation jobs.  I knew these glass insulators were cool because Dad had stuff like this tucked away.  Last summer at a garage sale I found these insulators buried underneath a table that was overloaded with dishes. I ended up picking them up because there is always a project or decorating idea rolling around in the back of my head even if I can't pin point it right away. 

Need some ideas for what to do with insulators or similar junk items?  Glass insulators can be mounted on their side to be used as a hanger for jewelry, hats, coats or towels.  How about being used as garden art to reflect light and create a water-like illusion.  Flipped upside down they can serve as a votive or little planter for succulent plants.  I went with a votive/plant holder.  I started by drilling two holes in a piece of scrap board that were the width of the insulator.  The holes are to thread wire to hold the insulator.

Hold the insulator to the board and wind the wire through one hole, around the insulator and through the second hole.  Before cutting the wire make sure to add an extra inch or two for wiggle room.

Once threaded secure the wire ends with staples on the backside of the board and lightly tap the staple with your hammer to make it flush with the board.  

Now it is time to create a way for the board to hang.  On the backside of the board attach a ring hanger or two eyelets and strung wire.  I went with the wire hanger because it is what I hand on hand.  I urge you to dig around in your hardware stash to come up with a way to hang the board.  You don't have to run out and buy hardware.

Just look at what we created!  With our hands and some quiet minutes we confirmed our ability to self-entertain with a little imagination and ingenuity.



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