Friday, January 23, 2015

Native Plants for Pennies Thanks to Conservation Districts

Oregon Iris

Hey you!  Yeah, the one working their buns off in the yard and spending your precious disposable income on native plants to make your yard beautiful.  Do you want to know a super awesome, money saving secret?  There is this wonderful local resource that usually offers native plants for something close to pennies.  It's called your local County Conservation District.  I live in Multnomah County of Oregon so I Google, "Multnomah County Conservation District Plant Sale".  Now you do the exact same search with the name of your county.  What did you find?  Did you find a native plant sale in your area?  Yeah, you did! Booyah!

Cusick's Checkermellow

This time of year is when you purchase native plants from your local Conservation Districts.  The deadline is usually around the first of February and you pick up your plants later in the spring.  Plants are usually in 4" pots or bare root and sometimes come in multiples.

You've purchased a few native plants at your local nursery and they've been expensive!  What's the deal with the Conservation District offering plants so cheap ?  Their goals are to promote keeping water clean and soil healthy.  Native plants provide the benefits of being beautiful, beneficial to native  wildlife and low impact on the land.

Isn't that fantastic!  You know what else is so sweet?  Native plants feed and house local wildlife, promote native pollinators, use less water and support biodiversity.  Love the idea of making your yard and garden easier to manage, less expensive and supports natural diversity?  Well good.  Here are some great links to local sources to buy plants.
*Local Oregon Plant Sources
*Washington-Clark County Conservation District

In these quiet months it's time to do our research, rework our yards and rethink how we can make our gardening life a little easier while trying to work within our natural landscape rather than introducing tons of non-native plants . It sounds silly, I know.  Try introducing a handful of native plants every year and before you know it your yard will be gorgeous, luscious and low maintenance.



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