Monday, January 5, 2015

Time to Hibernate

You know the saying, "Hurry up and Relax"?  That is exactly how I feel after Christmas.  Get the tree down, put everything away, rip through the house to fill up a couple of boxes for donation.  Then BIG EXHALE and just relax.

This is the time of year when my energy level is hovering above the red line.  All I want to do is sit down at the table and zone out.  I have got out of the habit of continually scrapbooking because I have so many darn hobbies as I'm sure you can relate.  However when the new year rolls around I like to pilfer everything that I've collected throughout the year.  It gives me some perspective on what truly meant something to me as I am able to reflect on how the year worked itself out.

It's the quiet January days that allow the space to ask the questions that I honestly don't give enough attention.  What am I thankful for?  Did I spend time with the people that love me and make me a better person?  Did I do unto others as I would have them do unto me?  That last one I could have done a little better job.  There were a few oops along the way.  What can I do better next year?  But most importantly........

It's time to hibernate.  Time to get up slowly, snuggle with the people you love longer, be quiet within yourself a little longer and be thankful.  

During the downtime created by these long January days I like to create a bunch of cards for all the occasions.  This year I really hankered down on the Thank You cards.  But while I was at it a few Easter, Halloween and Christmas cards may have been created.  At one point I yelled to Sean that I was really proud of my Halloween cards this year.  His response was with heightened inquiry, "Did you say Halloween?"  I instantly shrank realizing that sounded freaking cuckoo for cocoa puffs since it was only January 2nd.    

Then again, Whaaaaatever!  Getting Halloween cards done now means that I have a fresh perspective on the holiday not cluttered by the holiday images if I was doing them in season.

So I say to you and myself, relax, be quiet within your head, snuggle a little longer and get ready for a great year!  You're going to need the energy to get excited and motivated for what's to come. You know what I mean!


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