Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tiny Bird's Nest

Hey you!  Yeah the one with very little ability to sit still.  I'm totally down that we have low energy and limited brain power after the holidays but I know you still want a quick five minute project to play around with while watching tv. How about some fun new home decor with little birds nest made out of tiny grapevine wreaths, moss and faux birds.

The Portland weather is so abnormally warm this week.  Yesterday I walked outside and it smelled like spring on January 5th! The holidays are over and I'm wandering around the house trying to keep myself entertained so with this nice weather all I want to do is start digging and gardening.  That is not going to happen this early so I found a quick project to bring green into my home.

I pulled the little wreaths and birds out of my craft supplies but they can be found at any craft or hobby store.  The moss was pulled off a tree on my families farm but you can get moss from the craft store along with the other supplies.

The wreath and moss around about 2 inches in diameter.

Only three dots of hot glue secured the moss to the wreath base.  The wreath base is really helpful because the nest will actually sit level on any surface so it isn't constantly tipping over.

 So fuzzy and wild!

A little more hot glue and this little bird perches snuggly in a cozy bed of moss.  Kind of kitschy.  Kind of fresh.  Kind of I LOVE IT!

Now in true form, I had to make a ton of them to create a whole platter of nests.

Look at that bright green little guy.  This batch of vintage birds were a great garage sale find.  Some have glitter, a few are made of wool, many of them have feathers and the eyes are anywhere from painted to glass beads.  Part of my passion for thrifting is discovering past fashion, popular crafts of past decades and how things were manufactured.

These little guys are fun to place around the house for little pops of nature.  Soon we will be back outside my friends.  Soon!



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