Friday, January 16, 2015

Valentine's Day Burlap Garland

Woke up today and asked myself, "How do I want to live today?"  Then at 6pm as I was sitting by myself on a Saturday night with only crafts surrounding me, I thought again, "How did I live my life today?"  Wow, like most given a little time those answers were totally different!  But I did come up with a sweet Valentine's Day garland through the twists of the day.  

Even with a completely different outcome I was happy that I asked the question.  Because you know I started to think that the day was a waste but then I broke down how many fun things happened.  I found a fantastic vintage lighter from Alaska amongst some other treasures at an estate sale.  I was able to be quiet in my mind for a whole evening while I silently worked with my hands to create and build a few things that filled my world with a little more heart.

One of my fun creations was a sweet Valentine's Day Burlap garland.  It only looks like this because these were the supplies I had on hand.  That's kinda part of the fun is to dump out your stash of craft supplies to see what magically comes together.  Garland of course is so incredibly easy but if you need a little inspiration check out Pinterest garland ideas.

If you need some help with making pom poms check out this fantastic tutorial.

So when you ask yourself at the end of the day, "How did I live my life today", think twice about your answer.  The is a tiny exercise but you may surprise yourself with these little steps how your heart and mind can grasp happiness in the tiniest of moments.


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