Monday, February 9, 2015

DIY Fruit Garland

Want to make yourself a super easy fruit garland?  You can whip it out while the kids are running around or in between loads of laundry.  When all of the season decor comes down, the house can frankly be a little boring.  I know, I can't help it.  I just freaking love changing the home around with little pieces like garland.  An easy way to get in the mood for spring is to use fruit which brings out a sense of freshness when we've been cooped up in the house all winter.  A bowl of fruit is always an easy way to decorate but what about the walls?  I decided to make fruit garland with some bags of faux fruit I had laying around.  

A good place to get bags of fake fruit on the cheap is Goodwill.  A bag can usually be picked up for about $6.  If you prefer buying brand new your local craft store will definitely have what you are looking for.  

*7 pieces of fake fruit
*Yard of Ribbon
*Cordless Drill and large drill bit
*Screw Driver, pencil or chop stick

Drill through the fruit with a bit large enough that it makes it easy to thread the ribbon.  Some fruit has a solid center of mystery.  I have no idea what is in there but it was wicked tough to get through.  Most fruit are just styrofoam so they drill really quickly.  So that is just a warning that not all fruit is easy peasy to drill.

Once drilled just thread the ribbon through the center using your chopstick.  The entrance and exit points get a little messy so just clean them up with a fine piece of sand paper or just pick off any rough pieces.

Look at you!  Compare your $6 fruit garland against the price that your local craft store wants to charge you!  Not only do you have something fun to highlight in your home but you also used your hands to create something.  Take pride in that no matter how small the project is.



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