Monday, March 30, 2015

Blooming Neighborhood

Yesterday morning I got up and went for a run.  I was slugging past a lilac plant and thought, "Oh, I love the smell of lilacs.  Let's stop and smell it.  Oh we've already past it.  I should stop.  No, just keep running.  Wait a second Jessie, I thought we agreed to try to live in the present.  If you don't stop you're never going to give yourself the opportunity to feel this "live in the present" that everyone is talking about."  That crazy nonsense was everything that happened in my head within 15 seconds.  I stopped, turned around and smelled that lilac tree.  Then I stopped and smelled the yellow roses.  There were flowers that I smelled that didn't even have a fragrance but I wouldn't have known if I didn't stop.

Which is why I got up this morning to love all that is blooming in my neighborhood.  Within three miles of the house there were a gazillion flowers, shrubs and trees that someone as sometime believed would beautiful their home or neighborhood.  Squirrels and birds probably helped as well but there they lay in on their splendor.

The red azaleas were so intense that I couldn't get a ton of detail in the photograph.  Need to work on those skills.

To me this tree looked like the old working hands of a grandpa.  Knotted and worn with tons of stories to tell.

Stopping to enjoy the scenery was refreshing and that's not to mention all of the neighbors that shared smiles and "good morning".  When I got home I told Sean how much I love our little home and the neighborhood that makes us apart of something larger than ourselves.  



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