Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Framed Vintage Screwdrivers

Every flea market, every garage and barn sale has me searching out grandpa's wood handled tools.  I love them.  The wear of gouges, paint stains and polish is so, so handsome!  

The handles wear so many stories of past projects.  These comfortable tools tightened screws on a wobbly chair leg and took training wheels off a bike.

The problem with this infatuation of tool collecting is that it leaves me with a pile that I won't use.

Is it terrible to admit that the idea of framing up the screwdrivers came to me like a shiny beam as I was laying quietly in bed?  Hiding on one of my shelves was a beautiful wood frame that I just couldn't bear to paint as initially planned.  

Instead the wire and wood married the screwdrivers to create a displayable mini family collection.  So Fantastic!

Eek, just look at that texture!

The truth is when I finished this project all I saw was my dad.  His appreciation and collection of old wood working hand tools was passed onto me.  



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