Monday, April 13, 2015

Portland Flea Time!

The Portland Flea is whispering your name but not in a creepy Gollum way but like your best friend whispers a super exciting secret.  Hellllllllllo Spring!  The first three months of the new year are so incredibly slow and we watch the clock tick, tock with bored eyes and restless fingers.  You are in the same boat, I know it and I can see it in your eyes!  Pinterest and our favorite blogs barely pacify our deep seeded passion for filling our homes with loved items that hold a story.  What we really want to be doing is to be oogling treasures, junk and super fun finds.  Dig down you Pacific Northwestern Warrior.  Layer the rain jacket on top of the sweatshirt overtop of the t-shirt and wear the jeans you can roll up and down while you slip your tootsies in between rain boots and flip flops.  Your heart and home are yearning for something unique, has a past and tells a story that your heart can hear.  Get your rump out of the house and do some digging at Portland Flea this Sunday from 11am-4pm, at Union Pine
525 SE Pine Street
Portland, Oregon

Treasure Hunting Squirrel Jessie


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