Monday, April 6, 2015

Round Top Antique Week Recap

Have you heard of Round Top, Texas?  Well, some of you have and some of you haven't but it wasn't on my radar until a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to do a girls trip with her for the Round Top Antique Week.  It is where these little towns about an hour from Austin and centered around the itty bitty town of Round Top turn into this big spectacle twice a year  of vintage, junk and antiques being sold off the ground, on tables, in big showy display booths and sometimes just piled up.  

Flying in last Wednesday we rested up but hit it hard on Thursday like for 7 1/2 hours straight.  The brochures said to pick one or two venues per day but we took down all of Round Top and a few other shows on either side in one day.  We were crazed maniacs.  Being junkers who love to dig we kept waiting for the next field or the next table to be the one with the really good buys.  Come to find out we just needed to chill and enjoy it for the event and social scene that it was.  

We kept laughing that clearly we didn't have enough jewels or bedazzled clothing items to keep up with the Texas women.  Goodness gracious these women were blinged out and having a blast buying their new purses, shiny jewelry and sipping on their wine and beer nestled into cozies.

While we didn't find that awesome field or table with tons of dazzling treasures at a great price, we did figure out what Round Top was all about.  Next time we go we'll be less focused on the junking treasures and more on the music and other activities that the event has to offer.

Like the Junk Gypsies amazing new store had a Vintage Prom.  How did we miss that!!

The food was probably thee absolute highlight as I love barbecue like bees love flowers!  We ate everything barbecue that we could get our sticky little fingers on!  We ate at a food cart off the the square in the heart of Round Top that had, hands down the best pulled pork, Royers Pie Haven for yummy tea, Paw-Paws in Bastrop which had thee most amazing cat fish and shrimp the first night and Legal Tender for a fabulously spicy brisket sandwich.

Besides the food I think the second best item down there were the t-shirt sayings.  The Junk Gypsies had a huge variety of wanderlust shirts that spoke to women of all ages.  You would not believe the hordes of ladies in their shop!  Crawling, think ants.  I actually bought a pair of overalls there.  Eek!  These were just too cute to pass up.  My favorite shirt was from a country song, "She's whiskey in a teacup".   

Canisters and Pyrex, just so lovely.

I kept trying to think of how I can get these ferns back home.  Sue informed me though that I probably couldn't bring them back for agricultural barrier reasons.  FINE!  She's right but I still wanted to dream.  I guess I'll just find something when I get home.

Look at those lights.  I have no idea what those huge mesh sieves were for but they are so rad.  Could you imagine those monstrosities above your kitchen table in a room with huge vaulted ceilings.  Magnificent.

Huge metal roosters.  We all know the dirty puns.  However if you ever want to laugh yourself until you cry read this blog post on not knowing how badly you need a giant metal chicken.  This one's for you Bethany.

Marburger Farms was really fun.  All of the outbuildings were so quaint and tidy.  I like simple, clean and tidy.  

The buttercups are pink, not yellow like the usual varieties we see in the Pacific Northwest.  To sum up Round Top Antique Week, go for the spectacle unless you are a professional interior designer and plan on having a truck down there to haul stuff long distance.  Start closer to 9:30-10am as an early bird because no one rises early, take lots of food breaks, shop for fun clothes you'd never usually buy, find the music, drink tons of water, bring hand sanitizing wipes and find the social events like the dances, proms and special shows that are featured at night.  OH yeah, don't forget all of your bedazzled t-shirts, flip flops, jackets, hats, sun visors, purses, jeans and all other bedazzled accessories.  Everything is bigger in Texas and bedazzled.  



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