Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Camp Pocket Kitten

You know that quiet moment when you don't know what to do with your hands but you need something to do in order to prevent mischief making from boredom?  If we were still kids that's the moment when we quietly play.  Sitting in the back seat of the car our little eyes would wander for something to play with, the seat belt or your little brother.  Inevitably someone ended up crying and everyone got in trouble.   We learn from these frustrating moments, if only we had a toy I wouldn't need to inch over onto Wesley's side of the seat to test his patience.  But guess what, we get smarter and we drag along a toy small enough that Mom won't object.  The car rides become quieter and we learn to self entertain. 

These are life lessons that we carry and those tiny toys become books, knitting and sudoku puzzles.  We become decent humans beings instead of those thoughtless morons we deal with far too often while in public.  No one gets bothered when we are able to soothe our twitchy nature because the alternative is to ogle at all the other freaking weirdos on the bus and make fart noises with our mouths while sitting in waiting rooms.  For heaven's sake don't let your kids grow up to be public fart noise makers!  How about a making them a tiny little pocket kitten from scrap fabric instead of your kid's curiosity asking painful public statements like "Why do you smell like stinky eggs?".

thread-colors: kitten body, kitten dress, black eyes
material for kitten body
matching yarn for whiskers
small container-Altoids box, tiny tin, soap box, match stick box

Measure the height and width of your container.  Cut a piece of paper out with those dimensions so you know how large your kitten can be.  Lightly trace the outline.  Start with a circle in the upper third for the head, add in triangles for ears then shade into the side of the head.  Draw a triangle with the top tip of the triangle starting where a nose would be.  Add in a few stubby limbs and adjust your little drawing.

Cut out your template and then cut out two pieces for the body.  Pay attention if your material has nap so the two pieces on both sides are going the right direction once completely assembled.  If using a plushy felt like above there is definitely a direction that the nap lays and make sure they both lay going downwards.

Before sewing the front to the back add the face to one side to make for easier assembly.  This is a small enough item that it can become tedious so save yourself as much effort as possible.  A super simple way to make eyes is with a french knot but feel free to get creative with googley eyes or little black beads.  If you have trouble with a french knot, like I always do, here is a great tutorial to help with a french knot.  I added little eye lashes to make her look sweet but my attempt photographed with a ticked off looking kitten.  RAGE KITTEN!

With some left over yarn cut a few pieces for whiskers.  This yarn was made with the small yarn used to make baby blankets so if you use a larger yarn just cut one for each whisker and then separate it with your fingers later.

Working with two inch yarn starting out is easier to grip and then cut it down to desired length.  Stitch on the whisker with a simple stitch just going from front to back and tie off in the back.

Feel free to fray your yarn to a desired level of tizzy like a crazy kitten would create or leave it as is.

You can stitch the front to the back with the nap going in the same downward direction.  Feel free to stuff the kitten with tiny amounts of leftover fabric scrap making it a little easier to play with.  Then with a straight or running stitch just work around the outside with a color coordinating piece of thread and tie off in an inconspicuous spot.

Every little kitten needs a frock to play in.  This little kitten chose a pink bicycle number from the scrap.  Fold over a piece of material at the top and then guesstimate from then top of the shoulders to the middle of the kitten's legs for length and mark.  On that same piece of material guesstimate the width by added a little bit to each side and then cut.  This was obviously rudimentary but the point is to only stitch the sides of the dress with the top shoulder sections staying joined.

Now time to decorate the kitten's home!

What would a home be without a little colored rug.  Something in golden rod will do nicely for summer of 2015.

Kitten fits so well and looks so cozy.

With a top blanket kitten is ready to travel wherever those busy little hands travel, summer camp, camping, grandma's house, back of the car.  Hopefully giving you, baby sister and little brother a few minutes of peace.  



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