Thursday, June 18, 2015

Portland Flea and Chalk Board Jewelry Display

I am going to be at the Portland Flea this upcoming weekend on Sunday from 11am-4pm.  It's on Father's Day so there will be a bunch of classic cars that are cool to look at. I find it fun that the group of people bringing the cars aren't the usual classic car looking guys.  They are of all age groups but a lot of young guys that don't have big 'ol bellies!  

This week has brought together a lot of great projects that just needed a deadline to be completed.  This chalkboard jewelry station is just a cool way to display the sweet pieces that I've found to re-home.

This started out as a terribly outdated picture frame and print.  The picture was spray painted with chalkboard paint.  It took about five coats to provide good coverage over the old picture.  The frame took no time at all with a quick layer of white paint that was laying around from an old project.


You can see on the left side of the picture that I lightly went over the frame with a sanding block to bring out some of the gold from the original frame.

There are a gazillion hooks and screws that would have worked to hang the jewelry but I had a ton of old wooden thread spools laying around.  

I simply drilled a hole in the back of the spool but made sure to try to stay as far away from an edge as possible which can be tricky because there isn't much space.  I ended up cracking a few because they splintered under the pressure of the drill.  

After marking out the spacing of the spools I drilled the screws into the spools from the back of the picture.  No need for washers on the back.  The wood keeps the screws pretty tight.

The great part of using the chalkboard paint is the flexibility of the delivered message.  Maybe an inspirational quote on jewelry or beauty.  Other times I might want to mark down the prices associated with the jewelry hanging from a specific spool.  Chalkboard, you versatile little monster!  

You could really use this display for a multitude of situations like hanging utensils in the kitchen or keys next to the front door.  Wouldn't that be fun to label and hang all of your little girls hair accessories!  Knock yourself out!



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