Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Camp Pocket Mouse Toy

Quiet kids playing with little toys makes for happy parents.  Not to mention this little mouse is super fun to make.  

Just look at this little squeak and tell me you can resist those whiskers.

Last week we worked on the little kitten toy with the tutorial and supply list here.  What kind of little container do you have around the house that could be a home for a little mouse?  A trinket that holds a little secret inside.  Does anyone really outgrow the happiness that comes from a hidden surprise like secret pockets and free trial size make up?  Don't hide it, you know you're flooded with pure delight when you realize you got more than you expected.

After you cut out your pattern and fabric you can start to stitch out your mouse in whatever method that you want.  Again for the sake of efficiency make sure to stitch your little mouse's face on before you stitch the two sides together.  

Plushy mice are healthy mice so fill em up with tiny little scraps and then stitch around the perimeter.

How about a tail?  To clean up the base a little heart can be sewn to cover up the attached tail base.  Think of something like the little patches that are on Pound Puppies, Care Bears or My Little Ponies.

Your mouse needs a little outfit to wear during tea parties and trips to play in the yard.

To keep the outside of the dress with a clean stitch just flip the material to where the right sides of the fabric are facing each other and stitch the sides close.  Then flip the material right side out so the edges don't show the stitching.

Good night Mouse!  Good night little munchkins.  Hope everyone wore themselves out from playing for a early bed time.



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