Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pixie Dresser

As a little girl my dad would bring us kids in on special occasions to a job site that was going to demo a house.  Treasures would await.  One of my finds was a small side dresser that followed me to college and back home.  It became one of those items we haul around collecting memories through every move.  It was tiny enough to fit many purposees like a nightstand, bathroom storage and linens.

I've lost track of what I did with the little dresser.  Most likely sold it thinking I had outgrown it.  Though a replacement wound up in my hands a few months back.  I found this little guy at the beginning of the summer with a shocking weight for the teeny stature.  

After the layers of paint platters and cream paint peeled away it felt like this piece could stay wildly rustic with unobtrusive knobs.  Kind of like your favorite pair of worn jeans that go with anything.  Dress it up with flowers or leave it to speak for itself.  

As a night stand you could quietly wind down your evening with reading the last few pages of your book before heading to sleep.  Throw your glasses in the top drawer and turn the light off.  Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.



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