Friday, September 18, 2015

Halloween Pillowcases! Don't judge

Let's just geek out for a second.  Little kids gets to party down with the cartooned pajamas and bedding.   I'm not saying let's sleep in our Halloween costumes but can you imagine your significant other's face getting into bed with you wearing a Rainbow Brite dress!  But you know a goofy grin will spread across your face when you turn the lamp off and snuggle your head into a silly Halloween pillowcase. 

Lovely Little Handmades has a super easy and fun pillowcase tutorial.  Not to mention the graphics on this website are like heart swelling adorable.  The level of adorable you feel when you pick up a fuzzy orange kitten with a tiny little nose and stamp size paws.  Can I say that without sounding like a 15 year old girl fawning over Taylor Swift?  Pinch me but atleast I didn't say Adorbs, but then I just did.

Pillow cases are bad ass.  Not like full sleeve tattoos but in a wicked nifty way.  They take a patch of material and the amount of time to make as it would be to tell your best friend about the wildly handsome co-worker that you shamelessly daydream of asking to rearrange your files.....topless. 

Happy Halloween and dreams of candy corn dancing in your dirty yet creative little mind. 



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