Friday, September 25, 2015

Why Not A Halloween Curtain Panel?

"Why not" is the answer to the question you're already asking.  Your boxes of fall decorations include pillows, painting, figurines, wreaths, garland but what about Halloween curtain panels?  Listen, you love to transform for the holidays because in this crazy world of terrible drivers and food that rots too quickly in the fridge, it is the one thing that you can seasonally control even when you can't find a thing to wear and the curling iron just blew up. 

Spooky and quirky graphics riddle these panels with festive fun.  These fabulous panels can be found on  

Guess what sister, all that rick rack you keep collecting from garage and estate sales can be put to good use with layering it wherever you wish to create outlines.  Big sigh of relief that you can finally pull off a bold faced lie claiming you've collected these trinkets for a good use. 

Forget the straight stitch hem and use hem tape.  With all time saved you have time to find that glass of wine you set down.

Add a few ties at the top and call her good. 

So I get through the photographing the sewing portion but you might as well thrown me in a tar pit for photographing into a window.  Sister needs to learn how to photograph into bright light or better yet just have a live in photographer to take pictures at my every whimsy.  This is where something spontaneously explodes confirming we've all been told white lies of a fairy godmother.  But what IF she rolled out of the closet with tons of glitter spraying you in the face.  You wouldn't think "HELL YEAH".  You would think "Damn this herpe craft glitter.  This will be showing up in my underwear at work for sure." 

One of my wittiest girlfriends has the same expression the first time she walks in for the new holiday and it goes something like this through nervous giggles while clutching her hands to her chest, "Holy Shit.  This is intense."  I'm really hoping this puts Bethany over the edge....with delight and horror. 



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