Friday, September 11, 2015

Witches Riding and Black Cats Pillow

You know that exploding warm and fuzzy feeling you get when taking the first sip of champagne?  Well that's how witches and black cats comfort my soul signalling the fall has arrived. How about a little hat tip, no pun intended, to all the hard witches and magical kitties with a pillow cover. 

Okay, so don't get lost on me because first we need to take the measurements for the pillow you want to cover and then bounce back to making and painting your stenciled quote.  You need to start off by taking the measurements of your pillow to make an envelope closure pillow cover.  Once measured enter your numbers into the tutorial by Cori at Hey, Let's Make Stuff  in her thorough tutorial on how to make an envelope enclosure.

After finding a quote you want, you have a couple ways to create a fantastic stencil.  If you don't have a cutting machine check out this tutorial from The Handmade Home where you print out the words on freezer paper and cut with an exacto knife.  Here is a fantastic tutorial on how to make a stencil using freezer paper to run through a Silhouette machine.  Freezer paper works great because you lightly iron the freezer paper stencil to your fabric so the paint doesn't bleed when stenciling.   There are so many tutorials on Pinterest that are written like the author just came back from a three margarita Happy Hour and thought writing a tutorial was a fantastic idea.  Steps are always missing but these freezer paper cutting tutorials are spot on.

Set your iron to medium and iron on your freezer paper to the front piece of your pillow.  Do not forget the dimensions of your pillow to account for the extra inches dedicated for your enveloped ends.   Trust me, you're going to slap your face when you paint the stencil dead center and then try to assemble the pillow.  Don't slap yourself! 

Using fabric paint carefully paint over your stencil and let dry.  If you get antsy let it dry for at least three hours but preferably for 12 hours. 

Assemble your pillow using Cori's envelope pillow tutorial

Once assembled, stuff your pillow inside and step back to congratulate yourself on being the shit!  All those ladies shopping in Home Goods' seasonal section will never find your creation.  The extra effort glimmers you are proud to be that crazy Halloween lady.  Ride on!



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