Friday, October 2, 2015

DIY Harry Potter Enchanted Ceiling

You love Harry Potter and all that entails such as believing in the power of hope, good triumphs over evil, magic is a strength of the heart and family is a different potion for every person.  So whatever troubles you have with the books or movies, the underlying principles remain sentinel trolls.  With that said, my love for the series grows and grows. 

Harry Potter Picture Source

 One of my absolutely favorite scenes is the enchanted ceiling during holiday dinners!  This year I wanted to create an enchanted ceiling.  First thought was paint a night's sky on canvas the size of the hallway.  Aaaaaah, NO!  Then, thank goodness for Pinterest and the easy hacks they provide for all of us cruising-lane crafters.  Seriously, I want to be smack-your-mouth original but my brain puts precedence on peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and those dirt stain corners next to my bathtub.  It's the ADHD. 

Harry Potter Wish List has a top notch tutorial on how to make floating candles for the enchanted ceiling. Build up your collection of toilet paper rolls or wrapping paper tubes. 
*12 white head tacks
*white craft paint
*12 toilet paper rolls or wrapping paper tubes
*hot glue gun and tons of glue sticks
*clear fishing line
*12 battery operated tea lights
*piece of white construction paper

After cutting down your tubes to desired candle height, white wash them in paint.  Let dry.  Next slowly work around the top of each tube with the hot glue gun to create the fake wax drip marks.  Let cool. 

Next step, on the top end of the tube, using a tack, push a hole on opposite sides at the depth of your tea light.  If the tea candle base is 3/4 inch, punch two holes 3/4 inch from the top.  You want the base of the flame to be level with the top of the tube so once you hang it you can see the candle's flame.  

Next step, cut a piece of the fishing line a couple feet long and then at a few varying lengths.  This way the candles will hang at different lengths creating a little depth in your enchanted ceiling.  Snake one piece of fishing line through each of the holes and then knot the two ends together creating a big circle.  

 You can see when pulled taught that the string will be what the candle rests on. 

Cut circles a little bit larger than the base of the tube and glue to the bottom.  WE'RE DONE AND ALMOST ABLE TO GET BACK to cleaning that bathroom corner but soberly tell yourself "Hell to the NO.  Let's sew a new burlap pillow cover instead". 

 Space out your candles and use the white headed tacks to hang the candles.  Once arranged where you want them, turn the tea lights on and balance them on the fish line. 

Despite the lack of celestial stars or the smell of warm butter and cinnamon wafting, it feels like a win!  All the Halloween magic makes the fall a cozy time of year to be. 



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