Thursday, October 8, 2015

Junk Bonanza's Announcement and Positive Energy

  Your wild anticipation of unexpected horse trophies and Pendleton wool chairs is well warranted. You "❤️" junk shows because you love surprises. Your brain is sitting at the kitchen table, strumming it's fingers and staring at the wall because it knows what's inside Target and Home Goods but for goodness sakes it can't solve the puzzle of what's in store for the vintage show.  Enough with the peep shows, time to reveal the big show!! 

I love that positive energy about you and this community of souvenir seekers.  The idea of things being one of a kind has a very true foundation. The joy of one lost treasure as it walks away in someone else's arms can be shared not mourned. I promise you with good manners, great sense of humor and a smile you will seek out something else that tickles your fancy. If not, talk to us and I will find what you are seeking or brainstorm with you an equal level of happiness. How about an ironstone pitcher for a vase when the McCoy is wrapped in another's shopping bag?  You came here to be happy so let's make this your happiest place on earth. 

Speaking of fun! We are featured on Junk Bonanza's Blog. Yipper skippers. We are channelling all of our vibrant energy into this new experience. The Junk Bonanza team is incredibly supportive and the gang you want when you walk into a dark alley. Not like the scary dark alley but the alley to nab that piece sweet piece of street treasure!
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