Thursday, October 15, 2015

Junk Bonanza Wrap Up

Junk Bonanza came to us asking to have faith in their first show in the Pacific Northwest.  Please have a little blind faith, grab our hands and jump off this bridge.  We threw on our swimming caps, bikinis and gleefully squealed with arms spread wide all the way down.  Why say no when you could say yes!

If we said no we wouldn't have met super sweet people like Connie from Sweet Pea Pastiche .  Or have been awe struck by the inspiring Boulevard Mercantile.  Talk about a shop that feels like they a window into your soul!  We wouldn't have seen all of the endless trips of vintage treasures hauled in weary arms and passionate conversations over newly wired lamps made from worn green planter tins.  

When you stop to look at how easy it is to say no, distract yourself with sugar and pretty pictures, it is uncomfortable easy to not give a shit and not work at making yourself sunny inside.

My husband said to my middle cousin two weeks ago, "There is nothing better than being your own boss".  All of the other vendors and I at Junk Bonanza wore a shamelessly wide smile talking to people who love the same wooden apple crates and vintage neon signs.  We also wore optimism and our own quirky passion shamelessly. And that's awesome because that is exactly the type of person I want to be.  Someone who have worked themselves happy without attachment to another human being or substance as my happy pill. 

The Junk Bonanza team worked with that blind faith of working to create something from a passion and finished with a kind gesture of pizza to feed grumbly tummies and aching feet.  What do you shamelessly say yes to that makes you work tirelessly on weeknights and leaves a smile across your heart?



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