Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Home Tour 2015

 This holiday season there seems to be a growing sentiment of bringing back hugs as the cousins head out the door and holding Grandma's hand as she shares her memories of raising your auntie and mom as little girls. 


The feeling that Black Friday $1.99 sequined Mrs. Claus corset with bonus Holiday Classics soundtrack might, just maybe doesn't translate to squealing happy hearts as piping hot waffles are slathered with butter as plans are made to cut down this year's Christmas tree at the farm. 

Love well spent trumps spent time away from Momma Mindy, Dad, brother Wesley, cousins, Auntie Carla, Uncle Randy, and your grandparents who are quickly becoming some of your closest friends. 

It brings a sense of calm knowing weeknights are for snuggling on the couch to The Grinch, ELF and The Polar Express not checking last minute gift lists.

Even Nordstroms, TJ Maxx and Home Goods wished you would spend Black Friday baking buttery sugar cookies than purchasing their glittery candles, cashmere sweaters and wool plaid pillows.

What about sharing something more than a selfie with your friends?  Over peppermint schnapps cocoa cherish telling your girlfriend, Emily the story behind the fabric ornaments on your tree were made by your mom and dad when they started a family because they had no money.  Yet here they are on your tree over 33 years later.

I can feel a shift in Christmas coming home.  Like celebrating Christmas eve with peppermint tea and falling asleep under the Christmas tree in a sleeping bag because the grandparents took up all the spare bedrooms.  May your gifts this year be soft shoulders leaned on while watching Miracle on 34th Street, epic games of Uno and sparkling nights shared on the front porch watching the stars bundled up with hot cocoa.  



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