Sunday, December 6, 2015

DIY Pocket Pet Pillowcase

No matter your age, going to bed before you are ready stinks.  However, sleepy little eyes and happy smiles will create themselves knowing they get to tuck their little stuffed fox toy into bed just like Mom and Dad tucks them in. 

Maybe even a little bedtime story!  I recommend The Jolly Postman with all of the pockets and special letters.  

This tutorial starts with a basic pillowcase, add a pocket and make a stuffed animal.

For each (standard size) pillowcase you will need:

3/4 yd (27") main fabric *flannel for winter  *cotton for summer
1/3 yd (12") contrast fabric
4"x8" contrast fabric for pocket
1/8 yd trim fabric

Pet Supplies:
2-4"x8"body fabric, cotton, faux fur
4"x" coordinating fabric for face, cotton, felt
3 black beads
2 cups of fiber fill

The Twiddletails Blog has the FASTEST pillowcase tutorial ever!! Follow the tutorial and then come back to make the pocket and pet. 

*Beginner sewers can confidently make a highly professional pillowcase
*Crazy Fast- under 30 minutes, cut to final thread snip
*Absolutely no seams

Welcome back from the pillowcase tutorial.  Your pillow case is done so add the pocket.  Fold your pocket fabric in half with right sides together to where the square measure 4"x4".  Sew a straight stitch with a 1/4' seam on each side, leaving the bottom open.  Flip the pocket right side out.  Fold the bottom seam to the inside and sew the bottom seam close.  Position the pocket on the bottom of the face of the contrasting fabric.  Sew the pocket onto the face with a 1/4" seam working from the left side, down the bottom and up the right side.  Back stitch for 1"at the beginning and end to secure the thread for a stronger pocket.  Make sure that you don't sew the front and back contrasting pillow pieces together so the pillow can easily slip in.  

Next is your little pet.  If you don't have the right sized pet make one with a pattern the width of the finished pocket.  That way when the pet is sewn with a 1/4"-1/2" seam it will fit in the pocket.  I used the fox on my fabric as inspiration.  My mom was a draftsman when I was little so I broke out her old tools and did a rough sketch using a ruler, triangle and compass.  Get creative but make sure the body is tall enough that the head can stick out when placed in the pocket.  The fox body is 4" wide at the bottom, 2" wide at the top and 4" tall.  The head had to be adjusted. 

 Sew the face and contrasting pieces on first.  You can choose to either hand stitch or slowly run it through your sewing machine.  Next put the body pieces together with right sides facing, slowly sew around the perimeter with a 1/4"-1/2" seam.  Leave the bottom open to stuff with fiber fill.  Once stuffed fold the bottom inward and sew the seam close with a 1/2" seam. 

This is so cute and cozy that you're thinking right now how can you make one for yourself without feeling too silly about going back to sleeping with a stuffed animal.  Claim that it's for your glasses or book!  But the truth is bedtime is when you snuggle into the safety of every goodnight wish your parents blessed upon your head.  I'm pretty sure it's science that flannel captures that love which is why it is so cozy.  No excuse needed. 


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