Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gingerbread Ninjas

You know there is a list of old fashioned treats that we all dismiss as we pass around the treat table.  The flavors are dull and end up on your plate with only one bite taken.  This year when looking at holiday baking recipes I took a second look at the gingerbread cookie recipe because I love ginger.  Like seriously love ginger so, so crazy much that it goes in drinks, sauces, breads, sweets and savory. 

The Better Homes and Garden Gingerbread Man recipe is scrumptious but is a bit dry.  Add some ninja cookie cutters to kick up the fun!  Though some kick-ass cutters doesn't make the cookie taste better.  You know what does?  Butter!  Well butter makes everything better but I lied, it's not what we're going to use.  

Use BHG Powdered Sugar Icing but use two tablespoons of orange juice so it is easy to apply.  The citrus mixes so deliciously with the spicy cinnamon and cloves.

To really go over the top I added a zest of orange on top of the icing.  It gives every bite a pop of refreshing citrus and finish of cozy spices.  I just love it especially when nestled down with a big cozy blanket and a cup of tea to sip with each bite of the gingerbread cookie. 

Bella approved of the cookies but offered no help!  Happy Holiday Baking!



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