Tuesday, January 12, 2016

DIY Pottery Barn Rustic Wood Ladder

I love my vibrant plaid and snazzy Pendleton wool blankets so much that it pains my heart to neatly tuck them away into closets.  NO MORE!  So I thought why not couple my unfailing love for wool blankets with the appreciated utility of old wood ladders!  Pottery Barn is coming out with "Found" wood ladders but you know that stuff isn't coming out of grandpa's barn with years of hand worn love.  Let's revive a truly Found wood ladder into a blanket holder. 

Wood ladders are so, so affordable at estate sales.  Like under $10 usually.  Get out your jigsaw, reciprocating or circular saw to cut along the top about an inch from the metal pieces that hold the top on like the picture above.  WEAR YOUR SAFETY EYE PROTECTION.  It's 20 seconds of cutting but worth the prevention.  To disconnect the metal hinges, find where the metal hinge is pinned to the wood, drill from the inside of the metal pin to the outside.  The metal pieces will fall apart once drilled through the center. The ladder should now be in two pieces without anything connecting the two sides. 

Once cut take your hand sander to smooth the edges.

No one is going to see the top of the ladder but in case you want it to be aged like the rest of the wood, wipe a rag with a grey stain or try the apple cider vinegar and steel wool technique

Santa brought Sean a Pendleton's Mt. Hood blanket so the snowy mountain cap would look perfect on the ladder during the winter.  Cutting down one of the smaller ladders was perfect for easy access next to the couch. 

$249-$429 spends so much better on vacation and you can have your truly Found wood ladder.  Your friends at Friday night dinner will wonder where you got your rustic ladder while you quietly smile to yourself with every sip of wine.  Me!  I did that. 


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