Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Every year I unpack about 33 bunnies from my Easter decorations.  It's time the chicks have their day!  Free the Easter chick decor!! I kept looking at the burlap bunny tutorial on Pinterest but my little fingers kept searching for something else besides a bunny on the Silhouette Design Store where I get the images for personal use.  It was a nervous twitch where I kept trying to convince myself, "Oh but a bunny is so cute.  Oh for heaven to Betsy just spend the time to find a spring image that calls to your heart."  It came down to creating something that was simple, rustic and grounded enough that it could be pulled through the easter season for a light spring addition to the farm table.

Above is the image I bought from the Silhouette Design Store for personal use.  Isn't it just the cutest image ever!!

In the Silhouette Studio I sized up the image on a 12"x12" mat to 3.413"x 9.581" and then duplicated the image.

*Tip 1: Keep the image at least 1" from all the edges to give extra space in case the machine's calibration is a bit off.  Wicked frustrating to go through all that work to have the stencil not cut properly on the edges.

Cut a 12"x12" piece of freezer paper to fit on the sticky mat.  Place it shiny side up because it seems to be easier for the machine to cut.

*Tip 2: Freezer paper is a really affordable material to use to create stencils to use on fabrics.  Plus you can iron the image on the lowest setting, shiny side down to the fabric to create cleaner edges.

Ensure your cutting blade is set to #1 for the vellum setting which is a good cutting depth for freezer paper.  Load your mat into the machine with the arrow on the mat going in first.  Make sure both of the white rollers grab the mat so it pulls in nice and straight. If the mat doesn't grab it right, check your roller bar to ensure it is down, unload and try reloading it.  

 The mat is loaded so go into the cut setting, Standard Cut Mode, Material Type is Vellum.  Hit Start.

Gently pull the stencil up using tweezer and patience.

Put down a vinyl table cloth and sponge your chicks with tons of acrylic paint on your sponge.  You want a crisp and vivid print.

Patience! Let it dry.

Iron the runner.  Hem the edges if you want a clean edge.  Add some ribbon to the end like a polka dot print or pretty solid ribbon.  Feel like ruffles?  Grab fresh flowers, put out your apples in a bowl.  Happy wild spring days to you!



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