Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pendleton Foldover Clutch


Goodness, working with wool is super easy and this tutorial will have you running out the door with a really pretty and functional clutch in no time!  

Grab yourself-
*2-1"x2" wool pieces in coordinating wool 1
*11-12" zipper 
* 2-5"x13" wool pieces in coordinating wool 2
*2-11"x13" wool pieces in coordinating wool 1

1). In wool #1 cut out two pieces that are 1"h x 2" w.

2). In wool #1 cut out two pieces that are 11" high x13" wide.

3). In wool #2 cut out two pieces that are 5" high x 13" wide.

4).  Fold small piece in half over each end of the zipper and pin.

5). Straight stitch across, removing pins as you sew.

On the top piece lay your zipper face down so the right sides are facing each other.  Sew the top of the zipper to each end but not into the fabric on the end of the zipper.  Make sure your print is facing the right direction or you'll notice when you get both of the top pieces sewn to the zipper.

Next sew the second top piece to the other side of the zipper.  If you have a zipper foot for your sewing machine make sure to use it because it will make your life sooooooo much easier.  In addition to this tutorial ECAB did an amazing tutorial on a fold-over clutch, so much better than the one I created with illustrations and everything!  

Now you need to attach your coordinating wool.  So with right sides facing one another put the top of wool 2 kissing the bottom of wool 1 and straight stitch across.  

Now repeat this step so you have both sides stitched together.  I gotta say the nice thing about sewing with wool is that the edge are so clean and don't require as much finish work if you feel like being lazy.  

You are almost done.  Yeaaaah!  So both sides are stitched up using two different wool prints to create a beautiful mix of pattern and texture.  Pin both sides to where the right sides face one another with the zipper at the top.  Starting at the top of one side, stitch to the bottom.  You want to do this so in case the wool stretches that the top of the wool matches up for a nice clean top.  Repeat to where both of the sides are stitched up.

I've sewn this up with a really narrow hem but with wool it's easy for the top and bottom piece to get stretched apart with the top piece stretched further than the bottom.  The trick to help stop that is to either sew a wider hem or use a walking foot so the bottom and top pieces are grabbed at the same time to keep both sides matched.  

Trim the extra material and trim the corners on the inside so the edges lay nice once flipped right side out.  Does the sewing look clean on the inside?  If you wish to clean up the hems run a zig zag stitch around the raw edges before flipping right side out.  It's a simple technique that you probably don't think will make a difference but it does.  

Flip right side out.  

Grab your chapstick, dog leash, a couple bucks,  your phone and throw it in your sweet new folder clutch!  


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