Monday, April 18, 2016

More Than Straight and Narrow

In a culture that measures success on a straight line, it is hard to feel healthy when you are a little bit of everything.  But ya know some of us were not meant for freeways and to fit in a pretty ribbon tied package.  

To get to the Roggenkamp Farm I prefer more scenic side roads that pass me by my favorite field in the Heisson area of Battle Ground.  A looming oak is rooted dead center on a hill in the middle of a pasture.  But in the evening I'll take the freeway all the way home because after a day at the farm I kind of want to go out that night with friends back in Portland.  I'm always wrestling with myself asking "Why Jessie? Why do you want to go back to Portland when you have this gorgeous farm and mountain view?  Well dammit, I don't know but I just do."  And that's okay. 

Today I get up knowing in my heart of hearts I have to go to the farm to see my mountain.  There will be nothing else in the world happening today that is more important than me going home to be anchored by love.  I can spend half a day on a quiet porch with lounge chairs to drink tea and watch the mountain.  In the evening I'll go back into town, put on some heels and go out to dinner.  A free spirit of country mountain side and city buzz. 

After sitting on the farm porch for awhile the gravel roads start to call me for a little drive.  Taking a newer car is a wiser choice but Old Blue is going to take me up the mountain today.  Old Blue is a battered beauty of a truck that belonged to my great grandfather.  Even though a toolbox should be carried and I still need a pillow to drive it, jumping in that time capsule eases my mind more than getting behind the wheel of my new car. It's not logical and that's okay. 


With all of the phrases we find printed on t-shirts and posted on Pinterest we look to belong, to be able to identify who we are and what we stand for.  Right now everyone is sporting the romantic outdoorsy phrase of "The Mountains Are Calling" with t-shirts, underwear and every accessories that can be printed under the sun!  I feel like for  those who are being honest with themselves we should be sporting "The Mountains Are Calling and I must go but I need to leave by 1 pm for my yoga class, then come back to meditate next to a tree, head back into town for a couple hours of computer work but I'll return tomorrow to walk around until I want to meet friends for cocktails"!  Am I right!  When I come skidding into the pearly gates with my wings on fire there is going to be a mounding catalog of phrases tucked under my arm.  And that's okay because you'll be there too so we can laugh together as we flip through our pages.  



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