Monday, September 12, 2016

DIY Toy Truck Pin Cushion

Growing up Tonka trucks were scattered all over my brother's bedroom floor and in the yard.  Metal trucks are sweet mementos from our childhood making them fun to use for decorating.  We use them for succulent planters, cook book holders, holiday decorations and to store trinkets.  For the sewing heart how about a pin cushion!

Measure the length and width of your truck bed and then double the measurements.

With your needle and thread run a loose straight stitch around the edge.  Some wool has a loose weave so you might need to secure your first stitch by doubling the first stitch in the same place to secure the thread.  Run a loose straight stitch around the outer edge and then bring the material together by pulling gently on one end of the thread.  This should create a loose pocket. 

Stuff the material with polyfil to the point where the material feels firm.  Once filled finish closing the material by gently pulling on one end of the thread till all edges of the material come together tighly.  Secure the loose end of the thread with a couple of stay stitches and tie off. 

Place a piece of adhesive backed velcro in the bottom of your toy truck.  Adhere the matching piece to the bottom of your wool cushion. 

Configure the wool cushion inside the vehicle.

Decorate with cute pins because colorful pins are always way more fun!  Playful toys deserve playful accessories don't you think!

Give me the playful heart over the serious soul anyday!



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