Friday, November 4, 2016

Hemp Oil's Revival Power on Wood & Plucky Maidens

Hemp oil works like a charm for reviving and hydrating old wood.  It also works for a top coat on porous paints like chalk paint, milk paint and flat acrylics.

The last few month's I had been looking for a stately piece as the focal point for the Land and Kamp space at Found on Fremont.  Then I ran across this buffet one day but it already had a sold tag on it, bummer.  Next day I went back and it was back on the floor! So there I stood in the middle of the floor with one hand on it like a little kid at the start of dodgeball claiming the buffet as mine! 

First glance was like "Oh this isn't that bad".  Then I realized just how dry the buffet looked and missing handles.  Handles that turned out to be dang near impossible to find because the piece dates somewhere around the turn of the century!

 Seriously just look at these acorn and oak leaf drawer pulls!

When tackling wood furniture I first clean the wood with Murphy's Oil Soap and then apply a liberal amount of hemp oil on a clean cotton rag.  After wait a few or two gauge if it needs a second coat.  If the surface is still really dull apply a second coat.  If the first coat takes pretty well I just wipe a clean cloth over the surface to pick up excess oil to smooth the surface.  If you put on a second coat of oil you will want to do this as well.  It's non-toxic so you can apply it in enclosed spaces.  It is safe for food surfaces so you won't have to worry when using it on items like cutting boards. 

The oil darkens the wood, smooths the surface and gives the piece a lovely satin finish while still showing the imperfections and worn areas.  Those little scratches and dents give them the authentic character that pulls a home together.   

The buffet came with a pink marble top that is so heavy that it takes two people to move it but it so pretty.  Who would have thought pink would be such a stately color for a buffet.  If someone would give me a line up of colors ,pink would have been my freaking last choice but nothing makes me happier than little surprises in decorating that shake up my default color choices. 

I love this piece to help bring people's upcoming dining season to life!  Just think of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with this as the buffet! While this piece can be found at Found on Fremont we are in the thick of cleaning, packing and planning the mini show room for Plucky Maiden's Holiday Junk Fest.  Join us at Plucky Maiden's Junk Fest show next weekend, November 11th and 12th, for finds and treasures that will be displayed in ways that you might not have thought of.  I always walk away energized on everyone's decorating creativity.  I'm sure you will walk away with a few ideas to take home even to help style existing items you have.



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